Who we are?
European Center SN7 is a nongovernmental, non-profit and independent organization. Established in 2010, with headquarters in Tetovo, it works and operates throughout the territory of the Republic of Macedonia.

The main objectives:
 • Promoting european values in our society
 • Youth development and leadership
 • Developing local, regional and international cooperation
 • Rule of law and strengthening the democratic institutions
 • Eliminating institutional bureaucracies
 • Respecting cultural differences
 • Initiating youth employment programs
 • Protecting and preserving the green environment
 • Developing programs for promoting education
Member of the:

Conference: "European future of the youth"

The conference “European future of the youth”, was held at the EU InfoCentre in Skopje, on Tuesday 07th February 2012, from 13:00h – 14:30h.

The conference was dedicated to the people who are actively involved in the field of the non-governmental sector, non-formal education trainers, students, youth activists, youth workers, volunteers, young researchers, sociologists, psychologists etc.


 • “Euro-Atlantic future of the youth” - by: Ilija Djugumanov, head of the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association (YATA), Macedonia

 • “Çair Youth Council towards Europe” - by: Teuta Agai-Demjaha, MD, PhD candidate, Adviser for International Cooperation, municipality of Çair

 • “Youth and education: gaps and opportunities” - by: Afrodita Nikolova, editor at the magazine “Izlez”

 • “The young people from Mitrovica” - by: Lulzim Hakaj, project assistant at Community Building Mitrovica – CBM (Kosovo)

 • “Developing the next generation workforce” - by: Visar Ademi, president of the “My Career”

 • “Volunteering as alternative form of paid work for young people” - by: Bojana Jovanovska, MA in Social Policy, University of St. Cyril and Methodius

 • “Youth and education - challenges and opportunities” - by: Simona Lazarova

 • “Youth: work, career and employment resources” - by: Aleksandar Filiposki , project assistant at YES Foundation

 • “The youth from Municipality of Tetova” - by: Pranvera Imeri, master student in International Relation Diplomacy, Gothenburg University, Sweden

 • “Profit and entrepreneurship - a challenge for youth” - by: Biljana Todoroska

 • “Entrepreneurial climate among students in Macedonia” - by: Elena Klisarovska, PhD candidate, University American College - Skopje

 • “NGOs, opportunities for youth” - by: Daut Memeti, president of the European Center SN7