Who we are?
European Center SN7 is a nongovernmental, non-profit and independent organization. Established in 2010, with headquarters in Tetovo, it works and operates throughout the territory of the Republic of Macedonia.

The main objectives:
 • Promoting european values in our society
 • Youth development and leadership
 • Developing local, regional and international cooperation
 • Rule of law and strengthening the democratic institutions
 • Eliminating institutional bureaucracies
 • Respecting cultural differences
 • Initiating youth employment programs
 • Protecting and preserving the green environment
 • Developing programs for promoting education
Member of the:

Conference: "Challenges and opportunities of volunteer work"

The conference "Challenges and opportunities of volunteer work" was held at the EU InfoCentre in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, on Tuesday, 04th December 2012, from 12:00h – 14:00h.

The conference was dedicated to the people who are actively involved in the field of the non-governmental sector, volunteers, representatives of volunteers’ centers, young activists, youth workers, students etc.


 • “Online or virtual volunteering” - by: Marijana Janceska, postgraduate studies: Interdisciplinary culturology studies in literature, University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius - Institute for Literature, Skopje

 • “Volunteering in Macedonia” - Ronja Kindler, german volunteer in the Center for Education and Development – CED

 • “Legal regulation of voluntary work in Republic of Macedonia” - by: Fatos Veliu, master student in International Relation Diplomacy, State University of Tetova – SUT and secretary general of the European Center SN7

 • “The challenges of volunteer leaders” - by: Zlatko Talevski, executive director, Youth Cultural Center – Bitola

 • “Volunteer meaning and definition” - by: Ivana Shumanovska-Spasovska, MSc, Research Assistant, Administrative Law, Faculty of Law "Iustinianus Primus", University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius

 • “Volunteerism and intercultural opinion” - by: Naim Iljazi, association "Josif Bageri", Committee for Socio-Cultural and Youth politic

 • “Colorful world” - by: Elena Nikolovska, founder of bambibrigada.com (an eco-friendly blog)

 • “Experiences of Youth Alliance-Tetovo in promoting and setting standards for volunteering in the Republic of Macedonia” - by: Slobodan Tofiloski, coordinator of Youth Program, Youth Alliance-Tetovo