Who we are?
European Center SN7 is a nongovernmental, non-profit and independent organization. Established in 2010, with headquarters in Tetovo, it works and operates throughout the territory of the Republic of Macedonia.

The main objectives:
 • Promoting european values in our society
 • Youth development and leadership
 • Developing local, regional and international cooperation
 • Rule of law and strengthening the democratic institutions
 • Eliminating institutional bureaucracies
 • Respecting cultural differences
 • Initiating youth employment programs
 • Protecting and preserving the green environment
 • Developing programs for promoting education
Member of the:

Youth Volunteer Club (YVC)

Youth Volunteer Club (YVC) established within the European Center SN7

The European Center SN7, by observing the need of expansion and involvement of young people in the organization, has established the Youth Volunteer Club (YVC).

The reason for the formation of this club is to identify young people who are interested in youth work, institutionally organizing them, which can simultaneously serve the community, but also draw/discuss concrete projects form its YVC members.

The members of the Youth Volunteer Club (YVC) will also indirectly be involved in the implementation of the European Center’s SN7 projects and activities.

What are the qualifications, duties and benefits of voluntary work?


 • Knowledge of English and Macedonian
 • Knowledge of computer operations
 • Ability to work as a team
 • Responsible and communicative

The duties of the YVC members:

 • To participate in activities organized by the YVC
 • To contribute in promoting the values and voluntary work
 • To participate in trainings and workshops at home and abroad

Benefits of volunteering:

 • Gaining experience and new knowledge
 • Having the opportunity of inclusion in projects with a working contract
 • The possibility of free travel in the country and abroad
 • The participation in seminars, conferences and trainings
 • Creating new friendships

All interested to join the Youth Volunteer Club (YVC) must be aged 18-28 and in order to be part of this club need to complete a form and electronically submit it for approval using the email address of the YVC coordinator Fatos Veliu, fatos.v@sn7.org.mk